Former Australian great Mark Taylor reveals Dean Jones had told him about his heart issues

Dean Jones collapsed in the spur of a moment, and despite former Australian pacer Brett Lee’s several attempts, he could not be revived.

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The cricket world is still recovering from a shock that Dean Jones’ death shocking death brought at once. He was part of the broadcast set-up for the IPL 2020 and was preparing for a Dugout shoot in his hotel room in Mumbai.

Jones collapsed in the spur of a moment, and despite former Australian pacer Brett Lee’s several attempts, he could not be revived. It was a massive heart attack that gave him no chance to get back to life.

In the same light, Australian cricket great Mark Taylor has come up with a shocking conversation he had with Jones several years ago. During the same chat, Jones admitted that he had some heart ailment, and it would take his life eventually. Actually, the heart issue was in Jones’ family, so he was sure about his condition and what would unfold further.

Taylor was shocked to hear the news of Jones’ death but admitted the fact that he knew about his condition. Jones spoke to him about the same at a golf charity day in Moree, north-west NSW, a few years ago.

“I couldn’t believe it although, having said that, I had a couple of beers with Deano about three years ago at a golf day … sitting there was myself, Peter Taylor, and I think Ian Healy. ‘And he talked about some heart issues then. That’s three or four years ago now, so it’s obviously something in his family because I believe his father died of a heart attack, or certainly heart-related issues, so there may well have been something there,” said Taylor on Channel Nine’s Sports Sunday.

Mark Taylor couldn’t believe the news of Dean Jones’ death

Taylor further said that Jones’ wasn’t as fit as he was when he was in action, but he was reasonably fit. He was still going to the gym and doing things for his well being. 59-years of age is a young age for a person to leave the world. Taylor opened how he received the death of his news through WhatsApp, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“When you first get a message like that, you don’t quite believe it. You think somehow the lines of communication have been blurred between Dubai and Mumbai — then everything started flooding in, and I thought, ‘This is real,”’ Taylor concluded.

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