Things that made news in the cricket world today

All the news stories that hogged the headlines today.

Shane Warne Rajasthan Royals
Shane Warne Rajasthan Royals. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Shane Warne comes up with four suggestions to improve T20 cricket

  • There have always been some suggestions and changes proposed by people in the T20 format of cricket. Latest in the addition is legendary leg spinner, Shane Warne.
  • He has suggested some changes rather than improvements on his part in order to make the T20 cricket better.
  • He opined that people want a contest between bat and ball, and not just sixes.
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BCCI, NCA spent more than INR 1 crore on rehabilitation and recovery of Shivam Mavi and Kamlesh Nagarkoti

Reports: Bangladesh’s Salma Khatun and Jahanara Alam to take part in Women’s T20 Challenge

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